Supply: 220 V. c.a 50 Hz.

 -Supply: 115 V. c.a. 50/60 Hz.( depending on your order)

 -Power loss: 1,5 VA maximum

 -Power of commutation with resistive load to 230 V. 3300 W.

 -Power of commutation with inductive load to 230 V. aprox. 3000 VA.

 -Voltage in tips of probe: 9 V.

 -Current through: 180 sounding mA.

 -Operating temperature: - 10 ºC to 70 ºC

 -Sensitivity for the water: 47,000 Ohm

 -Sensitivity for the ice: 1 Mega Ohm  




The control allows regulation for the production of cold (compressor operation) based on the

 ice-thickness layer in machines such as, drink coolers, draught beer, vending machines, etc.

 When the demand of FG (kilo-calorie) is small, an ice layer is formed in the coil of the evaporator that serves as reserve in the periods of greater demand of cold. The control regulates the layer of desired ice-thickness.




The controls use the difference of conductivity between the water and the ice to regulate the thickness of the ice layer in the evaporator.

 The sensitive element is formed by an injected plastic sounding with assembled stainless steel projections on a support for tube of evaporator of 3/8" and 1/2". This support is also assembled on the coil of the evaporator.


The desired ice-thickness is settled by changing the distance of the electrodes to the coil of the evaporator.

The electrodes receive a pulsating signal of micro-volts which originates a very weak current between them when they are covered by water or a conductive liquid. The use of pulsating current ensures the absence corrosion and local ionization in the electrodes, which could alter the operation.


The signal of the electrodes amplifies and operates an electromagnetic relay, that connects or disconnects the compressor as well. As long as the electrodes are surrounded by conductive liquid the relay will remain closed. When the ice layer is thick enough to cover the electrodes, it interrupts the signal, becoming disconnected the relay and therefore the compressor.




Special reinforced contacts of maneuver for commutation with inductive loads, protected against the surge in the opening.


Detection ice-water passage or, vice versa time-lag in order to avoid misuse of the compressing motor, which could damage it.








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